About Beloved Freaks

Beloved Freaks has, for the moment, become a conduit for me to express my perspective, in what I hope is a diplomatic way, on social topics which incite my indignation.

The original concept, and eventual purpose, of Beloved Freaks is to shine light on the people in this world whose unique struggles keep them on the fringe and in the shadows. People who battle with poorly understood conditions like Body Integrity Identity Disorder, or Body Dysmorphia, or various types of paraphilia.

This blog is for the people who suffer silently because their struggles are so taboo they feel unsafe even talking about them with close friends or family. In many cases, not even psychologists or psychiatrists will accept them as clients. I want to expose their stories – their full, multifaceted human stories – and demonstrate for those who are willing to listen that these people are people, just like you and me. They are part of the human story. Their struggles are only one part of who they are. And a little compassion, a little empathy, could make their internal battles a lot easier to handle.

The major plan for accomplishing this goal is through interviews with those very people. Subjects identities will be completely withheld for their protection. But their stories will be explored through both text and podcast interviews. My hope is that with a bit of candid discussion, we can make the world a little bit safer for some of these people, and perhaps allow some of them to get the support they never had. And just for all of us to get a better understanding of the amazingly broad spectrum of the human condition.